Javy D.

Athletic Puerto Rican stud Javy D. has lots of experience with girls, and it sure doesn’t take much to make this horny 22-year-old hard.

He totally gets into jacking his cock … … and every muscle in his big body tenses when he shoots his enormous load:

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Hunky rugby league player Andrew hails from down under. He wants to star in his first porn film as he’s always harboured an exhibitionist streak which he lived out by working as a stripper at hen parties or as a semi-naked waiter. Now he wants to take the next step. But even when he was stripping he never let the ladies see everything.

At THE CASTING ROOM, however, he has to show it all.

Of course, Andrew’s nerves are going as he disrobes completely for a full examination of his trim, muscular body, heavy balls and tight pink arsehole. He seems like the boy next door with his perfect teeth and smart clothes, but he has a natural dominant streak. When his clothes come off he turns into a hard-cocked aggressive beast.

… just the kinda guy I like to imagine fucking the shit outa me!

















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Spunky, Straight Hawaiian Surfer-Jock Travis

This spunky, 26 year old, straight boogie boarder with a curly Mohican and a golden beach tan is not to be missed! Travis has a tight, lean, slightly furry body, a thick rigid rock hard cock, and real local style Hawaiian tattoos on his arms. He is a super sexy Hawaiian surfer, standing 5’10″ and weighing 160 pounds, Travis is the perfect man-boy.

“I’m experimenting I guess,” he says with a shrug and shy smile when asked why he is doing naked photos and jerk-off vids for the first time. This sexy young man works as a “hydro-blaster“, cleaning out chemical tanks at oil refineries on the Hawaiian Islands. Travis admits on camera that he likes his new job as a naked Island-Studs model a lot better than blasting tanks. No surprise there, I guess … 

This tough looking local Hawaiian poses and flexes with a raging hard dick which stands straight up against his tight stomach muscles. His giant mushroom dick head throbbing hard against his furry belly …





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Mike Nelson Gets Sucked Off

Mike Nelson’s cock starts growing once the cocksucker had his lips wrapped around it. It’s a thick one, for sure, and there were a few moments that tested the sucker’s gag reflex as he tried to deepthroat him. That seems to turn Mike on and he smirks, knowing that he’s going to make the sucker work extra hard to get him off.

Mike flips over to all fours so the cocksucker can deep-rim him. Luckily, one of the cameras is positioned so you can catch the look of ecstasy on Mike’s face while his hairy hole is getting the royal treatment!

Finally, Mike stands up and starts fucking the cocksucker’s mouth. The sucker just can’t believe how intense Mike’s getting. Soon after, Mike pulls his cock out of the sucker’s mouth and starts jerking off, grabs the back of the cocksucker’s head and blasts a gigantic load onto his mouth and face that leaves him dripping in a shower of thick, creamy, cum.



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Jorge Alvarez And His WebCam Show

Do hairy muscle guys jerking off on cam get you hard?

Then you’ll love Jorge Alvarez!

This horn dog doesn’t waste time teasing you. He’s butt ass naked from the start with a hard dick in hand.

He leans back on the bed stroking his large, curved cock while looking at straight porn. He does quite a bit of posing and flexing to show off that hard dick and that rock-solid muscle before sitting back to finish off.

Jorge jerks his dick until he blows cum all over his abs, dick and hands, then gets up to allow his cam to get a close up.

Check out the vid-caps:

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Mitch Vaughn In A Hot Jockstrap-Fantasy

Mitch Vaughn‘s heavily into jockstraps. Wearing one, often causes his meat to stiffen up and pop out of the jock he’s wearing …

… and here‘s what happens next …

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Dallas Bleu

Had it not been Next-Door-Male, it would have been Hollywood for Dallas Bleu.

With his amazing looks and his gorgeous, fit, body – this guy could have made it anywhere! That he chose porn, is due to his insatiable sex-drive and especially, his highly developed exhibitionist streak, making him super-hard when he knows he’s watched … jerking off:

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Mouthwatering: Alberto Ronaldo

The website of former pornstar William Higgins has singlehandedly catapulted itself to the very top of all gay porn sites.

… wanna know how?

that’s how:


It’s super-hot guys like Alberto Ronaldo that are featured amply – prominently – on that site. But more than this: It’s also the excellent, razorsharp quality of the videos and the images that make browsing through that site such a delight … (delight?THRILL is more like it!!!).








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