This guy’s real name is actually Jasper Stone, but for obvious reasons I find Long-Schlong-Jasper a much more suited name for this amazingly hot stud who, by the way, likes to be watched by others while having sex – with men and women, I might add! – and who can blame him – given the size of his member???!!!










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King Ramses Strokes His Meat …

… wearing nothing but a pair of pulled up soccer sox … …

Ramses is named after an ancient Egyptian king and he certainly looks like one!

Tall, muscled, long-schlonged, and confident - this Ramses may not be ruling Egypt, but he’s ruled my world there a minute ago, if you know what I mean … … (LOL) …

King Ramses frying his meat and milking his balls!

That’s a sight you don’t wanna miss!

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Lucas Duroy

Who was it that said that France is a country where everything is a little different, nicer, better, certainly more beautiful, than anywhere else …?

It certainly applies to the men!

And not only are they “more beautiful” – they also have longer cocks!

Lucas Duroy hails from France … on vacation in OZ, he knew that the size of his manmeat and his hairy manhole would be plenty of money in the bank to pay for a few extra weeks to explore the wonders – and the men! – of Down Under …








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Sergio Moreno

There’s sexy men and there’s s e x y men. … and then, and then … there is Sergio Moreno!

Sergio brought the sun with him from Spain together with a massive muscular body, amazingly hot tattoos, rough masculine features and a beautiful meaty cock. He slowly strips for us and I’m sure, just like me you gonna be nothing but mesmerized by this uniquely hot man, who must be watched to be believed.

It’s something that really can’t be described. You have to watch it!

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Adam‘s a straight man from Miami who makes regular appearances at Man-Avenue.

Always horny, always up for busting a nut, Adam‘s got a body to die for and he loves showing it off!

When he does so, he grows an almost instant boner, and as it is with boners – they need to be milked and emptied!

… and that’s just what Adam does!

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David Ken or: 10 Beer-Can-Thick Inches!

Hey – all of your brace yourselves for the jaw droppingly MASSIVE cock of David Ken!

Ten inches plus it’s extra thick! He keeps his uncut monster-cock wet with tons of spit, it’s so hard it throbs, showing it off and jerking off in different positions, before shooting so hard his spunk hits his face.

Insanely hot!

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Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels finds himself all alone, so he thinks, at the resort pool.

After a swim, he rinses off in the shower and discovers that you are watching him. Being an exhibitionist at heart, Christopher knows what you want and he invites you to watch him as he pleasures himself. He moves to a lounge chair where he strips naked and sports an impressive cock engorged and pulsating with every stroke of his hand. Watching his tight abs contract as he stroked his cock is certainly a site to be seen!

He then bends over for you and spreads his ass as he slips a finger in his beautiful hole. Knowing you want to see him shoot a load all over his tight abs, he then lies down on the chair and continues stroking. He lifts his legs and upon putting a finger up his ass and stroking, he cannot hold back any longer … and shoots a nice load just for you!

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I don’t think I’m even remotely exaggerating when I say that if Genesis‘ jerk-off solo doesn’t make you hard – there’s either something seriously wrong with you or … you’re not gay …!

Even his pictures are so hot, that I was having trouble keeping my rockhard boner in my pants while uploading the images … incredible! He’s absolutely too bloody hot for words – a natural born porn star, if ever there was one!

I tell you what – that amazingly hot ass of his stuck in that clever – insanely sexy – underwear was more than enough to make me gasp … … but wait until you see him spilling his jizz on the tractor seat!!!!!

Too bloody much!!!

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Gian-Luigi Volti

Gian-Luigi Volti is finally back, by popular demand!, at MUSCLE-HUNKS, once more showing off that fantastic body of his – which looks even bigger now! – before, once he’s all horned up from showing off his physique, he’s giving us a thorough demonstration of his jerk-off skills … … not to be missed!!!

… and here it cumz … that once-in-a-lifetimes beauty of an amazing cock:

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Straight, Phat-Schlonged, Cheeky … Ben!

Yessssss, guys, brace yourselves … straight, phat-schlonged, cheeky (plus a whole string of other adjectives) … Ben is back at ISLAND-STUDS! Seems to me, exposing one’s cock and posing for the cameras can be quite addictive … …

To be honest, something tells me it has more to do with the fact that Ben is forever seeking for opportunities to live out his exhibitionist tendencies, brought on, no doubt, by that amazing schlong of his. After all, if you had one like it, wouldn’t you wanna show it off and share it with the rest of the world?!

Well, as far as I’m concerned, a dong like that has to be shared with the rest of the world – it’s too beautiful and too awesome not to!

Ben now sports a new … errr … hairdo. That is, none at all. And if you ask me – he looks even hotter now than he ever did before (if that’s possible at all …).

… just look at that beauty:

… that beauty in all its cum-covered splendour:

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