Erin is a furry, straight, California Surfer with a HUGE cock and a creamy, white, bubble butt, who tells dirty, sexy stories while he jerks off before shooting a big load of manjizz all over his ripped abs in this hot, exclusive Video cumming from ISLAND-STUDS!

Watch the camera glide between his hairy, surfer thighs as we get a great view of Erin‘s monster cock and those sexy low hangers, lusciously dangling between his shaved bubble butt while he strokes. Watch, as he reaches around and opens his ass-cheeks, exposing his deliciously pink manhole, holding it WIDE OPEN for us all to see his sweet, pink, virgin rosebud!!! Hhhhhhmmmmmmmm!!!!! Mouthwatering!












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Mark Strong

… what makes a porn legend …?

1. a massive, rockhardstiff, cock
2. a rockhard bubble-butt
3. a set of really low hangers

… and Mark Strong has all three in spades …!

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Robby’s Audition

Bodybuilder and powerlifter Robby has spent years and years training his body to give him the magnificent muscular physique he is justly proud to have today!

Yet this is the first time that this ripped muscle-god has been filmed totally naked on camera. He’s really eager to earn some cash, but as a stalwart heterosexual he is extremely reluctant to have any sexual contact with other men.

It may take some time to convince the big lug otherwise, so for now, we have to content ourselves getting to see his impressive, bulging, body – naked - his fabulous set of low hangers, and … … that massive pendulous prick!













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Cole Christiansen

Super-hot hunk Cole Christiansen is letting it all hang out – and down! – in the sun by the pool, taking it easy and getting comfortable. A laid back guy, Cole‘s intensity picks up when he’s at the gym, where he puts in a few hours a day maintaining his great looking body, but otherwise, he’s a down to earth guy without a lot of complications. Obviously comfortable with himself, he begins to disrobe outside, stretching out and taking off his shirt to catch some rays.

Moving to the gym, he spars on the punching bag for a while to work up a nice little sweat, and then leans back against the cage to cool off, toweling at his forehead and sliding off his shorts to reveal his package getting harder in the cool dank gym. Sliding his underwear around his ankles, he steps out of them and begins to fondle his rod, sliding his two fore-fingers around the shaft as it wags back and forth, before he drops down onto the mat and spreads his legs as wide as he can.

Working his cock back and forth, he’s ready to explode, but he puts it off momentarily, turning over onto his knees and rising his ass up in the air as he continues to stroke from underneath, before he stands up and lets his load fly all over the waiting mat below.



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Spiro is almost 33, and has a touch of grey in his hair. He is in amazing shape, and has that mature daddy look many that I find totally appealing!

He has a thick country accent, with a slow southern drawl.

He seems pretty unsure about doing this whole porn thing, but is interested in exploring more. … well, Spiro … I for one can’t wait!

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Dodge Fuller

He may be a little on the lean side … but frankly, in this particular case, I just don’t care, for Dodge Fuller (Dodge Fullerthe name alone is making me hard!!!) is just ever so cute and just too damn sexy in the way he shows off his body, sac, and hole, before nonchalantly emptying that low-hanging, filled-to-the-brim, nut-sac of his!


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