Luke Adams

His striking, sculpted body, his breathtakingly masculine attitude, his sexy piercings and his ruggedly handsome face, all make Luke Adams hands down one of the hottest, most jerked off to, studs on Next-Door-Male.

… … if you don’t yet know what I’m talking about, check him out:

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Alexander Gustavo

You’d never know it just by looking at Alexander Gustavo‘s cute and innocent face – but behind that face there hides a deeply depraved and utterly debauched personality!

For the umpteenth time, in fact, he’s been arrested for exposing himself to girls all over, ┬ájust yanking out his dick and sticking his (let’s face it: equally gorgeous and perfect mancunt) into their unsuspecting and very much shocked faces.

… well, now here HE is again, jailed, safely locked up behind bars, but instead of learning from his past mistakes and trying to better himself, the minute he was thrown into jail this insatiable and incorrigible exhibitionist has nothing better to do than unpack his schlong and bust a nut:

Needless to say, a pig-in-disguise like Alexander Gustavo only gets turned on even more knowing that he’s being filmed … … and very well aware that there’s CCTV all over the jail, is like taking two Viagra pills at once to this most depraved of all depraved hunks:

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Cody Jo

Cody Jo is a country cop and an exhibitionist on the side, never missing any opportunity to show off his fat dick that sports a massive Prince Albert at its luscious tip.

Stripping out of his uniform and presenting his wares, Cody Jo quickly gets hard, and so he beats his meat for us until he squirts a nice load all over the place:

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Manuel cumz over to wish his friend a happy birthday.

He puts on a hot strip-show for his friend as a birthday present … … next, his friend rewards him by draining his cock and nuts of the load that’s been building up during his steamy striptease …

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Rogan Richards




A sensation.

Describing Rogan Richards causes you to run out of adjectives … he’s hotter than August in New York and sexier than a male version of Marilyn Monroe … he’s truly amazing and MEN-AT-PLAY - who discovered this hunk – once more proved to have the finger on the pulse! Swiftly, Rogan was put in a suit, making him look even hotter, and understandably proud of his body, showing it off tot he world while stroking his meat, didn’t take a lot of persuasion.

I can’t wait to see more of this man!

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Chain and Bruce

The plan in the video below was to have these two – straight – motorcycle guys kick back and get off together, but Chain tells Bruce he’ll have to take control. Bruce gets command by sucking Chain’s dick and giving him some lubed up stroking … … in the end both – hot, muscled, rednecks – shoot big, creamy loads!

… into straight men?

… into straight rednecks?

… into hot, straight, muscled, redencks?

Well, then do not miss this video:

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Cody North In: Deep, Huge, Toys

It’s like those monster toys were made specifically for Cody North’s ass, and each brings a specific pleasure.
The 18 inch ribbed dildo grinds Cody deep deep inside, while the thick ass annihilator stretches his ass with delight.

The moment leading up to Cody’s explosive cum shot will burn itself into your mind! Cody has his toy-inserter push down on his abdomen and fuck him with the monster cock, feeling it deep inside his belly. The pressure of the inserter’s hand pushing down and the toy thrusting up against his palm causes him to blast!

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