Two Straight Men Caught & Stripped By A Bunch Of Wicked Chicks

It all starts off as a bit of fun in the story Caught & Stripped at CFNM.

The girls discuss the boys’ bodies and wonder who has the biggest schlong. Although a little surprised by their forwardness, Shamus decides to play along as they quickly relieve him of his clothes.

But little do the sportsmen know that the women aren’t just messing around. They are out for revenge and will stop at nothing till both men are thoroughly humiliated.










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Straight vs. Straight: Muscle-God JP Worshipped By Frank

The point of MASKURBATE is to get straight guys doing what otherwise they wouldn’t dare doing for fear of being found by their girlfriends. But the mask provides them with a certain amount of anonymity, enabling them to live out their underdeveloped (?) gay side in them …

… and so, besides the admiration by his missus and all the attention from his female colleagues, vain Muscle-God JP now also gets a mouth full of adulation from bi-curious Frank … … who, by turn, gets a mouth full of CUM …!

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Tyler Lee

Tyler Lee is one of those straight porn actors who doesn’t mind the gay buck. In fact, he’s enough of an exhibitionist – if not to say narcissist – to enjoy the admiration and the attention he gets from all us gay men for his hot, rockhard body and cock!

And so it cumz as no surprise that Tyler‘s quite the expert when it cumz to teasing … wearing full leather regalia underneath his 3-piece dress suit, Tyler knows exactly how to get us … and frankly, I’d be surprised if it didn’t work on you … no doubt, your own cock’s out of those pants before you even know it …  … am I right?











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Straight Man’s Man Brent Power-Pounds Sean

This movie’s a big fuck youAnd I am speaking literally!

Brent’s been working all day and is super horny by the time he arrives at New-York-Str8-Men‘s studio and makes it clear he needs more than just a simple blowjob …

… so, New-York-Str8-Men‘s resident blow-jobber Sean’s going to be required to bend over and take it like a man … !

Brent pounds Sean’s furry asshole until he can’t take it no more … And then Brent dumps a huge load into the rubber he then pulls off to empty it  - over Sean’s ass!








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Jake Cruise Does His Str8 Employee, Anthony

The phone rings and Anthony answers, “Good afternoon JC Media how can I help you?” If you’ve called to place a DVD order or submitted a trouble ticket, you’ve been helped by Anthony, Jake-Cruise‘s peppy and helpful employee. On his last day at work, Jake decided to send him off with one of his famous blowjobs. This, apparently, was an event seven years in the making. Anthony has done quite a bit of straight porn and Jake always wanted to get his mouth on his big cock. He slips off Anthony’s clothes and can’t keep his hands off his hairy chest and tight furry bubble butt.

Jake then kisses his hairy chest and work himself down to his cock. Anthony grabs the back of Jake‘s head and pumps his stiff cock in and out of his warm mouth.

He sits down and Jake nibbles on his ear and licks his hairy armpit, which tickles him and makes him laugh. No one had licked his armpits before! Anthony lays over Jake‘s lap and he milk his rod before spanking his ass, turning it a light pink.

He kneels on the couch and spreads his ass cheeks. Jake pushes his face up and tongues his tight pink hole. Next, he sits down and Anthony stands next to him on the couch feeding him his cock. He thrusts hard making Jake gag. Anthony then sits back down and relaxes as Jake jerks him off until he shoots his creamy load into Jake‘s mouth.

… Good-by Anthony and thanks for having been a great and sexy worker …!









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Str8 Bodybuilder Vincent, Fucked By The Casting Director!

Vincent is a fantastically built young man that has never had sexual contact with another man. Spending a lot of time working out has given him an immaculate chiselled physique. As his cock is expertly sucked and he grows a big fat erection he has a ‘What the fuck have I got myself into?’ expression on his face.

In THE-CASTING-ROOM, this straight boy takes a stiff dick in his mouth for the first time though he’s barely able to get past the knob end without gagging. He bends over to present his hetero man’s asshole for a long session of tongue-loving.

Now that his bum has been lubed up with spit and warmed up with some fingering, a hard cock is slid up his rectum for the first time. He steels his hulking muscular body, taking it up the ass while he’s grunting and moaning …



















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Vicent, Cum-Drained By Sean

Vicent (without an ‘n’!) is happy to oblige NY-STR8-MEN‘s request to help break in new resident-cocksucker Sean and test his jaw muscles. Sean’s up to the task at hand and greedily sucks and slurps on Vicent’s fat cock.

In fact, Sean gives Vicent such an amazing blowjob that he doesn’t want it to end! Most girls, he says, can’t handle his fat cock, so it’s a rare treat for Vicent to stuff Sean’s mouth!

… and Sean, as you can see, loves every minute – and every drop! – of it!

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Muscular tattooed wrestler Nick has an intimidating stare and a hulking powerful physique. At GROPING-HANDS, the pervy men get to peel every layer off bad boy Nick down to his jockstrap and enjoy stroking his body which feels like hot steel!

He gets particularly grumpy when they invade his tight straight asshole! The pervy bastards tease his large hefty cock with its long silky foreskin and turn him on so he grows a large stiff erection despite himself … … … soon, he erupts in a gush of cum – which he is then fed and forced to eat!

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Terry Butcher

I’m not necessarily deeply into CFNM, but I do fancy straight men! Big time! And when the man’s as hot and sexy as Terry Butcher – well, then there’s no stopping me … and watching him getting groped, humiliated, and fondled by a bunch of chicks – yessssssss, that sure gets me going!!! That’s right up my alley!!!

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Straight Brit-jock Brendan can best be described as rough trade.

Eager to make his debut in porn, handsome Brendan is a sporty jock with big weighty balls and a hot, hairy, but very tight, butthole.

Although he knew what he was in for – or thought he did, anyway – nothing prepared him for the relentlessly groping and greedy hands from the guys at GROPING-HANDS! And not only are they groping his body – they’re also working their fingers deep down into his anal cavity before making the most of Brendan‘s growing erection …

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Ethan Gets A Massage

Ethan’s laying face down, getting rubbed down from his back to his feet. His legs are spread to pull his uncut cock between, and as soon as it gets touched, it begins swelling up!

Ethan turns over to his back and – lo and behold! – is already rock-hard.

Ethan says that he likes a little pressure behind his balls, so that’s what he gets as the masseur strokes him up to the grand finale …

Ethan lets out a loud moan, “Oh, I’m about to cum!” and releases a creamy load onto his pubes and down on the masseur’s hand.

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Cody and Craig

The man to watch in this one is Craig!

This hot – beefy – masculine - former football player answered an ad that said, “looking for studly straight guys wanting to make some extra cash”.

Craig knew exactly what he was on for, and if you ask me – if he plays his cards right – he’s got the body and the face to make a great deal more than just some extra cash. … agree?

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Pierce And The Groping-Hands-Experience

Pierce is a handsome, well-spoken gentleman, that the guys at Groping-Hands have been hungry to get their hands on for months!

He was reluctant to go any further than his initial audition, but they finally convinced him to do just that. His body is hard and muscular from the frequent physical training and football he plays. By the time the gropers were finished fingering and fucking his virgin ass with a dildo, Pierce had murder in his eyes. Pierce may have found the whole experience a nightmare, but now that he’s smelt the money it will be easier to convince this hot stud to do even more.

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