Javy D. (cont.)

Javy has no idea that his old buddy, Cory, has secretly wanted to get boned by him for years. Now, Straight-Fraternity‘s Franco made it happen by making it look like it’s all just happening for the money

Cory sucks Javy‘s dick, then bends over and lets Javy fuck him bareback.

It’s so overwhelming for Cory that after Javy shoots his huge load, he just can’t go on … Instead of trying to force himself to cum, Cory lets Javy paddle his bubble butt until it’s cherry red:

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Mike Nelson Gets Sucked Off

Mike Nelson’s cock starts growing once the cocksucker had his lips wrapped around it. It’s a thick one, for sure, and there were a few moments that tested the sucker’s gag reflex as he tried to deepthroat him. That seems to turn Mike on and he smirks, knowing that he’s going to make the sucker work extra hard to get him off.

Mike flips over to all fours so the cocksucker can deep-rim him. Luckily, one of the cameras is positioned so you can catch the look of ecstasy on Mike’s face while his hairy hole is getting the royal treatment!

Finally, Mike stands up and starts fucking the cocksucker’s mouth. The sucker just can’t believe how intense Mike’s getting. Soon after, Mike pulls his cock out of the sucker’s mouth and starts jerking off, grabs the back of the cocksucker’s head and blasts a gigantic load onto his mouth and face that leaves him dripping in a shower of thick, creamy, cum.



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Alec & Clay

Alec and Clay met just prior to the shoot, but they’re willing to get off together for the right price.

Money talk out of the way, they swap blow-jobs and a hot 69er, before shooting their big loads on each other:

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Warren & Bradley: 2 Str8 Jocks Having Sex With Each For The First Time!

When two straight guys decide on having sex with each other for the very first time it can be a very horny and sexy thing to watch indeed!

Not only coz of the obvious fact that they’re straight, but given the right balance between shyness and curiosity and watching these guys overcoming the first while exploring the latter – frankly, I can’t think of anything hotter!!!

And that’s exactly what the encounter between Warren and Bradley is like! For my money, it’s as hot as it gets!









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Str8 – trashy – muscled – and truly and utterly H O T – that’s Lane for you!

A bruiser if ever there was one, Lane‘s perpetually short of cash. What easier way for a guy as sexy looking as him than making a coupla hundred bucks by getting a handjob from one of the sleasiest guys on the net …?

Lane‘s game, and I for one, am thrilled that he is for he is top-notch jerk-off material!











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Two Straight Men Caught & Stripped By A Bunch Of Wicked Chicks

It all starts off as a bit of fun in the story Caught & Stripped at CFNM.

The girls discuss the boys’ bodies and wonder who has the biggest schlong. Although a little surprised by their forwardness, Shamus decides to play along as they quickly relieve him of his clothes.

But little do the sportsmen know that the women aren’t just messing around. They are out for revenge and will stop at nothing till both men are thoroughly humiliated.










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Straight vs. Straight: Muscle-God JP Worshipped By Frank

The point of MASKURBATE is to get straight guys doing what otherwise they wouldn’t dare doing for fear of being found by their girlfriends. But the mask provides them with a certain amount of anonymity, enabling them to live out their underdeveloped (?) gay side in them …

… and so, besides the admiration by his missus and all the attention from his female colleagues, vain Muscle-God JP now also gets a mouth full of adulation from bi-curious Frank … … who, by turn, gets a mouth full of CUM …!

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Tyler Lee

Tyler Lee is one of those straight porn actors who doesn’t mind the gay buck. In fact, he’s enough of an exhibitionist – if not to say narcissist – to enjoy the admiration and the attention he gets from all us gay men for his hot, rockhard body and cock!

And so it cumz as no surprise that Tyler‘s quite the expert when it cumz to teasing … wearing full leather regalia underneath his 3-piece dress suit, Tyler knows exactly how to get us … and frankly, I’d be surprised if it didn’t work on you … no doubt, your own cock’s out of those pants before you even know it …  … am I right?











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