Paddy O’Brien Jackhammers Jimmy Fanz

The hottest man around – or one of ‘em, anyway – and the one who’s been fuelling our collective fantasy like few men before him, has taken to fuck more and more guys, lately, even though he’s straight. And I mean, straight, for Paddy O’Brien has the record in straight porn films to prove it!

He sure ain’t no fake!

So, … with him being straight, plus also looking fuckin’ friggin’ super-hot, it’s all the hotter to see him pounding and jackhammering guys … like the lucky sunuvabitch Jimmy Fanz, who screeeaaammmmss in bloody ecstasy (can you blame him???) as he receives the pounding of a lifetimes from Paddy O’Brien‘s straight manmeat!

To watch the full movie, please click HERE to enter FALCON-STUDIOS!


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